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We specialise in HVAC service and maintenance of leading brands of air conditioning, ducted heating and refrigeration units for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our HVAC maintenance services include but are not limited to the following types of systems:

  1. Wall mounted split systems
  2. Ducted heating and cooling units
  3. Commercial air conditioning
  4. Evaporative system changeovers
  5. Heat pumps
  6. Reverse cycle systems
  7. Ducted gas heating
  8. Commercial refrigeration systems
  9. Commercial air conditioning maintenance



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Commercial HVAC System Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your commercial air conditioning installation or your HVAC unit will keep your commercial property bills reasonable and your staff comfortable. While often left as an afterthought, air conditioning maintenance services can actually save you far more money in the long-term. From heightened staff productivity to better air quality and cheaper bills, there is absolutely no reason to leave your HVAC units unmaintained. If you’re due for HVAC system maintenance or have not had HVAC servicing for some time, call the experts at Jacob Refrigeration today for a free evaluation.

HVAC Warranty Repairs

Jacob Refrigeration can provide hands-on assistance to inspect and repair any unit that is still under warranty. Whether a full HVAC system repair or a single air conditioning or heating unit, schedule a no-obligation free evaluation today.

Custom HVAC Maintenance Plans

Regular HVAC service inspections are a sure way to maximise the life of your heating, cooling and refrigeration investment. Jacob Refrigeration distinguishes itself from the competition in Melbourne by creating a custom HVAC maintenance service plan that suits your requirements. From the day of the week to the time of the day and frequency, our HVAC maintenance services in Melbourne are completely configured to suit your busy lifestyle, work operations or downtime.

HVAC Industry Expertise

For over 22 years, Jacob Refrigeration has serviced countless HVAC systems both simple and complex. We have  extensive experience with all major leading heating and cooling brands alongside the various types and technical specifications. When you partner with Jacob Refrigeration for HVAC maintenance services, you will receive a complete turnkey solution as we can both repair and upgrade outdated HVAC systems for a reasonable price. View our HVAC services today!

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Frequently Asked HVAC Maintenance Questions

Jacob Refrigeration provides competitively-priced heating and cooling maintenance services across Melbourne for both residential and commercial buildings. If you’re still unsure whether you require HVAC maintenance or repair, check out these commonly asked queries.

Is HVAC maintenance necessary?

It definitely is. This helps save you time, energy and money in the long run. HVAC systems can be expensive to install, but an inefficient system will rapidly increase these expenses with high energy usage. A system that is well-maintained will use less energy. It will also make unexpected catastrophic failures much more unlikely, which will save you money and avoid any inconveniences. Regular maintenance can also help spot any issues that may be risking you and your family’s health and safety, such as any leakages or carbon monoxide problems. Regular maintenance will also ensure that your HVAC system is preserved and in good working order for as long as possible.

How do you maintain a HVAC system?

A HVAC technician should regularly check and inspect your HVAC system for issues. However, there are some things you can do yourself to ensure that your HVAC system is maintained as well as possible. These include:

  • Change your filters regularly
  • Clean any mould build up or algae build up in the system
  • Take note of any odours and call a specialist immediately if there is a chemical smell
  • Take note of any wear and tear
  • Clear any debris and dust
  • Make sure your carbon monoxide detector has its batteries changed
  • Monitor any extreme spikes in energy consumption, as this may be a sign that the HVAC system is not working as efficiently as it should

What should a HVAC service include?

This varies and is dependent on the system, season and type of HVAC. However, generally we will first inspect all aspects of the HVAC system, such as the ducts, heat pump and the refrigerant lines, for signs of mould or other signs of wear. The evaporator, filter and condenser are cleaned. Other aspects of the HVAC system may be cleaned or lubricated depending on what is necessary for your system. Worn parts may be replaced, such as the filter and the belt. All in all, we make sure that your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible. 

How often should a HVAC be serviced?

We highly recommend getting your HVAC system checked and serviced at least once a year. While everything may appear to be in good working condition, dust and mould could be trapped inside and the inner workings of your system may have problems that cannot be outwardly identified. It is best to get your cooling and heating parts checked separately in preparation for heavy usage. The air conditioning is best to get checked in spring before the summer months when you will need it the most. Consequently, the heating should be checked during the autumn months before winter.

How often should you change the filter in a HVAC?

Generally, you should be changing your air conditioning filters every 3-6 months to ensure that contaminants are not blocking your filters. This answer still depends on other factors including the quality of your air filters, whether you have pets or anything else that may make your filter contaminated quicker, the house size, and so on. Poor quality filters may require changing more often, such as once a month. 

What are the most common HVAC problems?

HVAC systems are fantastic and highly useful, but they are also prone to issues without preventative maintenance. 

Common issues include:

  • Dirty filters that are causing blockages with air circulation
  • Wear and tear of HVAC components, causing system failure
  • Clogged coils of your HVAC system, which can reduce the system’s efficiency
  • Clogged drain lines, which can cause water leakage
  • Etc…

Many of these issues can be identified early with regular maintenance to prevent larger system problems.