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Evaporative Changeover in Melbourne

A good eco-friendly home cooling system is one that consumes minimal energy and produces limited emissions in order to provide you and your family with peak comfort and superior temperature regulation capabilities during seasonal extremes. This is what makes ducted refrigerated cooling systems a highly popular option for many Melbourne homes and businesses. Get in touch with Jacob Refrigeration to upgrade evaporative cooling to refrigerated and have an evaporative changeover!



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It's Time For An Evaporative Changeover

Unlike evaporative cooling units that rely on processing warm external air in order to continuously create cool air for your home, refrigerated cooling systems utilise an enclosed system that ensures that air in your home stays nice and cool consistently. This closed circuit system is particularly beneficial during high-humidity weather, as evaporative units already generate excess moisture when compared to refrigerated cooling units.

With the impact of La Niña summers being felt on Australia’s east coast now more than ever before, many homeowners and businesses are replacing evaporative coolers with modern refrigerated cooling systems as a means of keeping uncomfortably humid air firmly outside their interiors. That’s precisely why our HVAC specialists at Jacob Refrigeration are proud to offer evaporative changeover services to all Melbourne homes and businesses that are looking to replace their outdated evaporative cooling system. 

Why Upgrade Evaporative Cooling To Refrigerated Cooling?

Nobody wants to deal with outside air filtering into your home during the peak of summer, especially if it’s a temperamental Melbourne summer! Our summer days can go from a scorching, dry heat one day to unbelievably humid the next. And sadly, cooling systems like evaporative coolers that pull hot air in from outside the home, may not always have the power to really keep your home’s interior temperatures comfortably low on those really hot days.

This is why many Aussie homeowners are opting to perform an evaporative changeover and replace their evaporative cooling system with a refrigerated cooling unit. Unlike outdated evaporative cooling systems, ducted cooling systems use modern refrigeration technology to keep the air circulating throughout your home cool for longer periods of time. These powerful cooling systems are known for being more efficient than alternative home cooling systems, not just because of their ability to work in larger spaces, but also because of their superior energy efficiency per square metre. In other words, an evaporative changeover is sure to be a great investment for any Aussie families who may find themselves with too many rooms to keep cool every summer.

Another major benefit of refrigerated cooling systems is that they can offer more than just cooling capabilities, believe it or not! Did you know that virtually all modern refrigerated cooling systems actually allow you to reverse the flow of the refrigerant within the system? By reversing the flow of your system’s refrigerant, your refrigerated cooling system can actually be transformed into a heating system as well! Simply put, replacing your evaporative cooler with a refrigerated cooling system in time for summer, will still see you enjoying the benefits of the evaporative changeover all the way through to winter too!

How To Change Evaporative Cooling To Refrigerated?

Now that you know the benefits of replacing your evaporative cooler for a refrigerated cooling system, chances are there is one question on your mind: can you actually change your evaporative cooling unit into a refrigerated cooling system? Our HVAC specialists are here to tell you that the evaporative changeover process is a lot easier than you may think! 

If you’re looking to upgrade your evaporative cooling unit for a refrigerated cooling system, all you need to do is simply call on our HVAC specialists at Jacob Refrigeration on (03) 9543 8000. You can secure an appointment for your evaporative changeover in Melbourne with minimal fuss, thanks to our service area being city-wide. No matter which Melbourne suburb your home or office is located, you can be rest assured that Jacob Refrigeration will be able to conduct your evaporative cooling system replacement, with all the right tools and knowledge required to get the job done. 

Our evaporative cooling replacement services also don’t just stop at installation alone. We pride ourselves on offering superior aftercare services to all our Melbourne customers as well. By working with Jacob Refrigeration, you can ensure that your new refrigerated cooling system will be serviced regularly, and thus be in peak condition from season to season.

Why Use Jacob Refrigeration For An Evaporative Changeover?

With over 35 years of combined experience providing Melbourne air conditioning services for a range of residential, industrial and commercial settings in Melbourne including Huntingdale and surrounds, you’re unlikely to find a team of HVAC specialists more passionate and experienced with conducting system installations and upgrades, including upgrading evaporative cooling to refrigerated cooling systems.

If you’re looking to upgrade your evaporative cooling for a refrigerated cooling system, simply get in touch with our experts at Jacob Refrigeration today for an evaproative changeover. Call us at (03) 9543 8000 to inquire further about any of our HVAC services, or fill out our online inquiry form to receive a free no-obligation quote today.

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Frequently Asked Evaporative Changeover Questions

What is evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling is as the name suggests. The system cools the air by evaporating water. It draws air from the surrounding fresh air on the outside and then blasts this cool air. Often, evaporative cooling uses much less power and therefore is a more efficient and eco-friendly option. Evaporative cooling also uses fresh air, rather than recycled air, so often people with allergies or asthma also prefer evaporative cooling.

How many windows do you need open for evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling utilises fresh air, which means that windows and/ or doors must be open. There is no hard and fast rule, but it is recommended to open the windows furthest away from the A/C’s vents and ducts. It is often recommended to have an opening that is twice the size of the vent opening. However, for refrigerated cooling, windows do not need to be open to cool the home. In fact, it is even recommended that windows are not opened to cool the home. 

Can you change evaporative cooling to refrigerated cooling?

Yes, we certainly can perform an evaporative changeover for you. However, the same evaporative cooling ducts cannot be used for the refrigerated cooling ducts as these ducts are very different. It is also not possible to use the existing outlets. Nevertheless, changing from an evaporative cooling system to a refrigerated cooling system is simple for us to do and can be converted any time.