The Best HVAC System For Restaurants Or Cafes

Amongst all the different types of commercial heating and cooling jobs we take on here at Jacob Refrigeration, restaurants and cafes tend to be some of the most complex. You’d think that more industrial environments that are in need of high-level heating and cooling systems may be more difficult, but in truth, restaurants, cafes, and other inner-city hospitality establishments boast highly compact and functional spaces. So what is the best HVAC system for restaurants or cafes? This can naturally complicate the process of installing commercial air conditioners, as installation crews must work around dining areas and kitchen amenities in order to get the job done.

Even so, finding the right commercial HVAC solutions is essential for restaurants and cafes, especially in cities like Melbourne which are prone to experiencing erratic weather conditions all across the year, alongside seasonal extremes in both winter and summer. Hospitality business owners and their wider staff can greatly benefit from investing in ideal restaurant or cafe heating and cooling. But how exactly do you go about selecting the best HVAC system for restaurants?

Naturally, a consultation with your local HVAC specialists can help hospitality business owners on the right track. Our team at Jacob Refrigeration have also prepared this introductory guide to selecting the right HVAC system for your restaurant or cafe, just to provide hospitality business owners with all the preliminary information they need to kickstart this process.

Read on to learn more about selecting the best HVAC system for restaurants or cafes.

The best HVAC systems for restaurants

Kitchen air conditioning requirements

First, let’s start by outlining the industry standards and requirements that business owners should keep in mind when finding the right HVAC solution for their hospitality business. Alongside keeping your dine-in guests nice and cool during their meal, hospitality business owners must also consider the importance of heating and cooling for cafe and restaurant kitchen spaces. It goes without saying that your restaurant kitchen areas can become overheated at the worst of times, and you don’t want your kitchen staff feeling stuffy or light-headed when the evening rush hour swings round.

Restaurant and cafe heating and cooling standards technically fall under the scope of Australian work health and safety regulations, meaning that these same standards apply to multiple industries and not just for hospitality. Simply put, any working environment that sees employees being subjected to higher temperatures due to work activities, should take measures to ensure that the interior temperature of these environments is kept between 18 to 23 degrees Celsius wherever possible. Naturally, restaurant refrigeration areas are exempt from this regulation, but kitchen and dining spaces are not, making restaurant heating and cooling solutions a quintessential investment for all Australian restauranteurs.

And although air conditioning is not technically a requirement under Australian food safety standards, ventilation very much is. As commercial kitchens require ventilation alongside cooling amenities, installing a ducted heating and cooling system in your restaurant or cafe kitchen space may also help alleviate any stuffiness or excessive heat that may arise from kitchen activities.

Selecting the best HVAC system for restaurants

As we mentioned, most restaurant and cafe owners can greatly benefit from installing a ducted HVAC system in their establishment. But what if your restaurant or cafe space is too small for a ducted system, or if a ducted system cannot be installed due to building constraints?

In these instances, it’s best to assess the building and environment your business occupies in order to determine what your ideal commercial HVAC solution is likely to be. For instance, if your restaurant or cafe is located in a multi-level commercial building, then you may not be able to install an external unit as easily as you’d like to. Thankfully, many commercial buildings allocate space on rooftops for the installation of external units for commercial HVAC systems.

If you are looking for the best HVAC system for restaurants that require larger space, however, then you may find yourself requiring multiple systems, that is if the option to install a ducted unit is off the table. Installing multiple split system air conditioners across your establishment can be a great path of action here, just so long as those units are placed conscientiously and to maximise their energy efficiency.

If you’d prefer to have one system that is capable of effectively regulating temperatures in a larger commercial space over multiple smaller systems, however, then a refrigerated cooling system may be better suited for your hospitality enterprise. These powerful systems are more than capable of cooling a large dining space, making them suitable for restaurants and businesses that are the sole occupants of their commercial building.

Call on Jacob Refrigeration for your restaurant air conditioner installation

Selecting the right HVAC system for your restaurant, cafe, or even just any commercial kitchen space, naturally requires a fair amount of preliminary assessments. Understanding exactly what types of heating and cooling units can be installed in your business space is naturally key, alongside keeping in mind the size, capacity, and energy requirements attached to all of the HVAC solutions available to you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the potential solutions in front of you or would simply like to consult with HVAC professionals before making any final decisions, then you know who to call.

As a leading provider of commercial HVAC solutions across Melbourne’s east and south-eastern suburbs, our team at Jacob Refrigeration is equipped to handle a wide range of restaurant and cafe air conditioner installation and maintenance jobs. From designing your ideal HVAC solution to handling the installation, positioning, and even system expansions wherever they may be required, our team of HVAC specialists can provide hospitality owners with the insights and expertise that they need to be on top of their business’ heating and cooling needs.

Want to find the best HVAC system for restaurants? Contact the team at Jacob Refrigeration today to inquire about our commercial HVAC installation services, or to get a free quote on any of the other services we offer to all local Melbourne business owners.

Author: Jan Yakoob

Jan is the managing director of Jacob Refrigeration, a leading company with more than 35 years of experience in air conditioning and refrigeration installation. We continually exceed client expectations through quality, reliability and efficiency.