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Temperature regulation is a crucial component to the design of any commercial space, especially in a city like Melbourne where the weather can change at just a moment’s notice. In order for business owners to ensure that their company premises, office spaces, or storefronts stay as comfortable as possible year-round, they will absolutely need to invest in a commercial air conditioning system installed by a team of experienced HVAC professionals.

With our 35+ years of experience providing Melbourne business owners with impeccable commercial air conditioning, our team of commercial air con technicians are ready to take on any commercial installation, ranging from system installations for multilevel office spaces, retail stores, cafes, schools, and a wide range of other commercial environments. Call us today for a free quote on your next commercial air conditioning installation job.



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Finding Your Ideal Commercial Air Conditioning System

Not all commercial spaces are the same. In fact, many commercial properties come with their own list of needs when it comes to heating and cooling. Our team at Jacob Refrigeration can help you find the perfect commercial air conditioning system to suit your business needs, either with an initial in-person consultation or even over the phone.

Our commercial air conditioning installation specialists have had extensive experience with installing a range of air conditioning systems for commercial clients, including:

Refrigerated Cooling Systems

Designed to cool the air within a room, rather than gathering and cooling external air. Refrigerated air conditioning units are ideal for commercial properties in areas known for their inconsistent climates, such as Melbourne.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Gathers outside air to be cooled by using evaporative water and dispersed across the room. Highly efficient and known for being eco-friendly, making evaporative cooling systems friendly for your bottom line.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Need cooling across multiple rooms within your commercial property? Ducted systems are a fantastic solution for those that don’t want to cool on a room by room basis. Connected by vents, ducted air conditioning systems work the same as traditional aircon units for the most part, but across a much larger space.

Split System Air Conditioners

Consists of both an indoor and outdoor unit, hence the name ‘split system’. Split system air conditioners are known for being quiet and energy-efficient, with their only downside being figuring out the placement of their outdoor unit. Therefore, the judgement on whether split systems are ideal for your commercial property needs to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

An excellent two-in-one option, reverse cycle systems provide both heating and cooling functionalities.

Think you know which air conditioning system may be best suited to your commercial property? Or would you like an expert opinion or two to help finalise your commercial air conditioning installation job? Regardless of what stage your installation project may find itself in, you can call our team at Jacob Refrigeration for additional information and expert support.

How To Organise Your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re a Melbourne business owner who’s looking to organise the installation of your commercial air conditioner, then you’ll be happy to hear that a quick phone call with our expert air conditioner installation team is all you’ll need in order to get the ball rolling. Our air conditioner installation team will be able to work with you to schedule an ideal time for your installation, as well as advise you on where best to position your commercial air conditioning system once on-site.

Simply call our installation team today and be well on your way to fulfilling all of your organisation’s heating and cooling needs.

Maintenance & Repair Services For Commercial Air Conditioners

Our commercial air conditioner installation specialists don’t believe in the ‘set and forget’ methodology that other HVAC installation companies may practice. Here at Jacob Refrigeration, we believe in supporting our commercial customers well past their initial installation date, and strive to make ourselves available for commercial air conditioning repair or maintenance needs across the city of Melbourne.

If you are after commercial air conditioning maintenance and repair assistance, you can rely on our team of commercial air conditioner technicians to assess your commercial system and advise how best to keep it at a peak level of performance. Our commercial air conditioning technicians have extensive experience clearing ducts, removing residue build-ups, and assessing the health of your commercial air conditioner’s motor and other components. No diagnostics issue is too big or too small for our experienced commercial air conditioning experts.

Why work with Jacob Refrigeration?

Whether you’re looking for commercial or even residential air conditioning system installation services, our team of HVAC installation specialists are equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment, and industry experience to ensure that your next domestic or commercial air conditioner installation job is a genuine breeze.

Contact us via our web form, by email, or by calling (03) 9543 8000 to secure yourself a free quote on your next commercial air conditioning installation job today.

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