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From complex HVAC solutions to air conditioning installation, Jacob Refrigeration brings over 35 years of experience throughout all of our HVAC services in Melbourne. Servicing Melbourne Metro and Melbourne’s South East, no job is too small or too complex.

Our HVAC solutions start with a comprehensive assessment of your residential or commercial property. Then, we recommend from a wide range of premium HVAC brands and advise on the best placement for your heating and cooling. From ducted air conditioning to refrigerated systems, you will work with our experts to determine what is right for your building and also your environment.

We believe that the best HVAC solutions derive from sound industry knowledge and a good set of tools. So, rest assured that we won’t be recommend brands we wouldn’t install within our own property!

Once we’re settled on the right solution, our friendly team of  HVAC experts will carefully install your new systems and make sure that we clean up after ourselves too! It’s a comprehensive service that also includes regular maintenance and advice on how to keep the airflow throughout your building optimum.

Not sure what air conditioner is best for you? We’d love to hear from you or head over to this page now to learn more! If you’re hunting for HVAC specialists in Melbourne that go the extra mile to ensure quality above all, contact our experts today on 03 9543 8000 for your free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Get Expert HVAC Services in Melbourne.

Jacob Refrigeration provides cooling solutions to residential, commercial and industrial clients across Melbourne and the outer suburbs. When it comes to HVAC in Melbourne, we not only supply and design, but we also fit, install and maintain for both compact spaces and large industrial applications. Browse through some of our HVAC solutions below.

Refrigerated Cooling Systems

Easily regulate temperatures throughout your office or industrial unit with professionally installed refrigerated cooling systems. For them hot, sticky days, there isn’t much better than a refrigerated cooling unit!

HVAC Maintenance Services

Once we have installed your HVAC systems, we’ll always be on hand for regular maintenance and advice. Discover how our HVAC maintenance services keep all installed systems in tip-top shape across Melbourne.

Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling

Few things hit the middle ground between luxury and necessity quite like air conditioning on a hot day. So, if you’re looking to get air conditioning installed, look no further. With 35+ years experience, no job is too big or small.

Ducted Heating & Cooling

Get comfort all year round with complete control over ducted HVAC systems around your home or office. Using the best brands, each ducted heating installation we do ensures that your home is energy efficient and safe.

Evaporative Changeover

If your property requires evaporative changeover solutions, contact us today. Discover why property owners entrust Jacob Refrigeration across Melbourne and find out more.

Air Conditioning Installation

Few things hit the middle ground between luxury and necessity quite like air conditioning on a hot day. So, if you’re looking to get air conditioning installed, look no further. With 35+ years experience, no job is too big or small.

Wall Mounted Split Systems

Wall-mounted ducted split systems are the ultimate solution for regulating temperature around your home. Say goodbye to costly and dangerous bedside heaters and say hello to comfortability all year round.

Commercial HVAC Services

Every workplace or commercial property requires professional HVAC solutions. Discover why business owners entrust Jacob Refrigeration across Melbourne and find out more about our commercial HVAC solutions.

Residential HVAC Services

Looking for HVAC solutions for your residential property in Melbourne? No problem! We specialize in a wide range of domestic HVAC services both in the CBD and across Melbourne’s South East.

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HVAC Services Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

For cooling services in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, look no further than Jacob Refrigeration. Servicing Melbourne’s South East including suburbs near Huntingdale, Chadstone, Clayton, Glen Waverley, Carnegie and Mulgrave, professional cooling expert is just a few moments away.

From ducted cooling to complex commercial installation and repairs, Jacob Refrigeration is renowned for our expert knowledge and integrity. We’ll find the right solution for your building all year round and will recommend top quality brands to ensure longevity and durability for your HVAC systems.

Did you know that 40% of energy consumption around residential and commercial properties comes from heating equipment? That’s a large amount of waste when not being used. As such, not only do we believe that our heating and cooling installations should be priced right the first time around, we also strive to ensure energy efficiency as the topmost priority.

Contact our HVAC installers based around Melbourne’s South East today for your free quote and project site assessment. We will arrive on time, clean up after ourselves and deliver the best HVAC solutions in Melbourne. Call us today on 03 9543 8000 and speak directly with our managers.

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Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

No matter whether a commercial building or a residential home, Jacob Refrigeration provides high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services (HVAC Services) at competitive prices across Melbourne. We understand that finding the right heating and cooling solutions can be complex. Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions we receive to ensure that you make the right choice with your heating and cooling solutions.

What is HVAC? What does HVAC mean?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Each of these are different systems that are used to move air between indoor and outdoor areas while also heating or cooling your property depending upon the settings that you choose. There are a wide variety of HVAC systems and considering your ventilation is important. In addition, HVAC systems will also filter and clean the air inside your property to maintain humidity levels and ultimately ensure that the air that you are breathing is healthy and clean.

What is the difference between HVAC and AC?

The difference between HVAC systems and an AC unit is that HVAC systems will heat, cool, and ventilate your home or commercial building. However, an AC unit will only cool your home. Depending on where you live, the average humidity levels and whether there is a good clearway for fresh air to reach each room will determine whether you need a complete HVAC system or just an Air Conditioning unit.

Can you add zones to an existing HVAC system?

If you have an existing HVAC system but would like zones adding, the good news is that this is possible. Although you may need to upgrade your systems to achieve this, regardless of whether you have just a single air handler or not, adding zones to existing HVAC systems is possible.

To find out whether your existing HVAC systems are suitable for zoning, contact Jacob Refrigeration today for your free quote and assessment. We will be able to quickly identify the right solution for your property and will upgrade your existing HVAC systems efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why are Jacob Refrigeration the best HVAC contractors in Melbourne?

The reason why Jacob Refrigeration is considered the best HVAC contractor in Melbourne is largely attributed to our experience. With over 35 years in the industry and having dealt with HVAC installations of all shapes and sizes, chances are we have installed plenty of systems just like the one that you need.

By choosing Jacob Refrigeration for both residential or commercial HVAC systems supply and installation, you are guaranteed to receive a professional service. We arrive on time, clean up after ourselves and are always on hand to offer professional advice with regular servicing and maintenance. We are extremely proud of what we do and that shows with every HVAC system we install.

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Where do you install HVAC systems?

Jacob Refrigeration operates across Melbourne CBD and Melbourne South East. We’re the go-to provider for HVAC system installation across suburbs near Huntingdale, Carnegie, Oakleigh, Morrabbin, Chadstone, Notting Hill, Mulgrave, Clayton and more. Call us today on (03) 9543 8000 for your free quote.