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Gas Ducted Heating in Melbourne

When it comes to home heating systems, there are few that are as eco-friendly and as generally efficient as ducted gas heating systems. Our efficient gas ducted heating systems offer Melbourne residents and business owners total comfort and coverage during colder winter months, allowing you to keep your home warm with minimal energy consumption. You can maintain modest utility bills during the chilly season!

If you’re in Melbourne, a ducted gas heating system could be the ideal heating solution to suit your home or office needs. Get in touch with our team of ducted gas heating installation specialists to map out your own ducted gas heating system installation project today.



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How does gas ducted heating work?

Ducted gas heating systems operate by using a central gas-powered heating unit that is able to disperse heated air throughout your home with the use of strategically placed ducts. Ducted heating and cooling systems work with a convection airflow, which circulates warm or cold air throughout your home via insulated ducts that enter the room through the floor or ceiling. The ducts of your gas ducted heating system are likely to be placed in bedrooms and living areas throughout your home to ensure that heated air can be enjoyed in high traffic areas.

Your gas ducted heating system’s central heating unit can either be found above your ceiling or under your flooring, with the position of your heating unit largely being dictated by the floor plan or architectural style of your home. Our ducted gas heating system installation team at Jacob Refrigeration will work with you in order to find the optimal placement for your system’s ducts and vents, so that you and your wider household or business can enjoy superior heating for a lot less.

As ducts have to be installed across any property before all the warmth and comfort of your ducted gas heating system can be enjoyed, it’s well worth inquiring about your gas ducted heating system installation nice and early.

What is the best gas ducted heating system in Melbourne?

If you’ve done your research and decided that a gas ducted heating system is the ideal heating solution to suit your residential or commercial property, then all that’s left to do is organise the installation of your gas ducted heating system. Where do you start?

Thankfully, our HVAC specialists here at Jacob Refrigeration strive to ensure that your gas ducted heating system installation is the easiest step in your journey to find the ideal heating solution to suit your needs. Simply contact our friendly ducted gas heating installation team for all Melbourne installation projects and our experts will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Our installation team will also ensure that your gas ducted heating installation is handled with the utmost care and total transparency, so that you’ll have all the right information needed to keep your ducted gas heating system working at its best for years to come.

With over 35 years of experience with the installation of ducted gas heating systems in Melbourne and surrounding areas, our team at Jacob Refrigeration has all the right tools and expert insights to ensure that your ducted gas heating system is installed smoothly, serviced regularly, and maintained using methods that will allow you to take full advantage of your system over the course of its usable life.

With Melbourne hitting its coldest weather not seen in decades, gas ducted heating is more important than ever! Get in touch with our expert team today so that your Melbourne home or business premises is prepped to handle all the city’s seasonal and trans-seasonal chills.

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Frequently Asked Gas Ducted Heating Questions

Is ducted heating gas or electric?

A ducted gas heating system uses natural gas, as opposed to electric-powered options, making it a highly efficient form of heating. Air distribution is also circulated differently.

Can you convert gas ducted heating to electric?

Yes, you can upgrade to a different heating and cooling system, such as reverse cycle air conditioning. Enquire with us today to discuss your best options.

Does gas ducted heating need servicing?

Energy Safe Victoria recommends your gas heating to be serviced every 2 years. Contact us today for all y0ur maintenance needs.

How much does ducted gas heating cost?

This depends on a few factors, including the type of heating and cooling system you’re after, as well as the size of the project. However, rest assured that our work and parts are competitively priced. Fill in the contact form for a no obligation quote.

Is ducted gas heating safe?

They are very safe. However, if your system is not serviced by professionals every 2 years, there is a small risk of carbon monoxide emissions, which is dangerous.

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