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Ducted heating and cooling systems work with a convection airflow, which circulates warm or cold air throughout your home via insulated ducts that enter the room through the floor or ceiling. Upgrading your ducted heating and cooling in Melbourne to a newer model will significantly reduce energy losses and lower utility costs in your home. Enquire now for your free quote.



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What is Ducted Heating and Cooling in Melbourne?

Ducted heating, alongside ducted gas heating, consists of an outside furnace that heats the cold air to warm up your home. With this type of heating, you can tailor the warmth to your preferred preference and it will heat up the entire house evenly. It’s also very energy efficient and has lower running costs overall. Ducted cooling, or ducted air conditioning, has an outdoor and (often hidden) indoor unit to heat and cool your entire home by sending hot and cold air through ducts in the roof. It’s discreet, effective and energy efficient, making it perfect for residential homes and commercial buildings. At Jacob Refrigeration, we can design, install, maintain and repair all kinds of ducted heating and cooling systems for your home.

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Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems

We offer an all-around service. If you’re planning on a new home construction and want to include the best air conditioning and heating systems from the start, we can work with you or your contractor from the planning and design phase. We’ll coordinate through determining the layout and location of your systems, recommending the type of system for the layout and the level of insulation that will be required. Finally, we will supply and install your systems at affordable rates.

Ducted Heating And Cooling Systems Maintenance

When it comes to the health and safety of your ducted heating and cooling systems, we recommend you call us to professionally clean your ducts every 12 months. This will ensure that your system is working as expected and will operate within health and safety regulations. Beware of faulty systems, as they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, and dust build-up in the ducts could be a potential fire hazard.

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Frequently Asked Ducted Heating and Cooling Questions

At Jacob Refrigeration, we can provide ducted heating and cooling solutions for your comfort. See below for commonly asked queries or contact us today for a free quote!

Can ducted heating also cool?

A ducted air conditioning system can heat and cool your home. It is perfect for an all-in-one-solution. However, a ducted gas heating system will only have heating abilities. This does not mean that you cannot receive any cooling from your ducted heating system. We are normally able to add cooling to your ducted gas heating system where required. 

Can you add cooling to ducted heating systems?

If you have an existing ducted gas heating system, there’s often no need to completely dismantle it. On most occasions, we can provide a refrigerated cooling add on to your heating system. As such, there is no need to change the air ducts of your current home. At times, the layout may need to be changed for compatibility purposes, but often we can design a new cooling system with the ducted heating system in mind. 

Can you use the same ducts for heating and cooling?

Our central HVAC system means that you can use the same ducts for both heating and cooling. This can help you save on installation costs because you no longer require separate heating and cooling units and ducts. Year round use of your heating and cooling unit means that there is also less of a risk of catastrophic failures, compared to letting it gather dust during seasons that you do not require it.

Is ducted heating and cooling expensive to run?

While ducted heating and cooling may be costly to install, these efficient systems tend to have reasonable running costs. Ducted heating and cooling systems can focus on particular areas and conserve energy for areas not currently being used. They are also able to easily heat and cool large spaces, making it perfect and cost-effective for commercial buildings and larger homes.

Can ducted A/C heat and cool different rooms?

Yes, this is called zoning. Ducted heating and cooling means that air will travel through ducts into various areas of the home as decided by the homeowner. This means that you can choose to only heat and cool certain areas of the house, which can help you save utility costs.