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Jacob Refrigeration provides reliable, fast and professional commercial air conditioning and refrigerated cooling services for local and national retailers, medical service providers and industrial applications where air conditioning and refrigeration is integral to daily operations. Serving all of the Melbourne CBD as well as the inner and outer suburbs, our commercial HVAC service technicians have the experience and qualifications to supply, fit, repair, service and maintain and wide variety of custom refrigeration units.

Or, if you’re after an efficient heating solution for your office or commercial property, why not consider gas ducted heating? Fill in the form today for a quote on your next commercial HVAC solution now!

Phase 1: Planning, Design & Product Supply

Our turnkey commercial services start with the planning, design and supply of your heating and cooling systems.

Phase 2: Installation, Fitting & Post-Install Cleanup

Next up, we’ll perfectly install your air conditioning units and make sure that we cleanup once we are finished.

Phase 3: Repair, Service & Maintenance.

Then, once you are setup, we will make sure we are always around to repair, service and maintain your new units.



Accurate Quote

Everything starts with an accurate assessment of your project and fixed priced quote.


Once you are happy with the quote, we will work with you to arrange the best time to complete the job.

Arrive On Time

On the day, we will arrive on time, complete the job professionally and clean up afterwards too!

Aftercare & Support

In the unlikely event that you run into any issues, please feel free to contact our friendly team.

Don't Delay

Commercial HVAC Service Callouts Across Melbourne

Faulty refrigeration can spoil food products, alter the properties of chemicals and medicines, and result in major losses for small business owners and corporate shareholders. As such, it is essential to install superior commercial refrigeration systems and to be supported by an expert team who is on hand for fast repairs.

Not only this, as wear and tear occur on your units, your business is equally obligated to ensure that you are not placing anybody at risk. With our professional commercial HVAC service callouts and 6 monthly maintenance, you can put all of these headaches to one side as we will ensure that your units are always in perfect working order.

Jacob Refrigeration is a family operated company with a dedicated focus on exceptional customer service, expert industry and product knowledge and delivering quality workmanship at a fair price. We are well-versed in providing great commercial HVAC services to business properties. Get a free no-obligation quote now. Call (03) 9543 8000 or reach us via our online enquiry form. View our other HVAC services today!

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Frequently Asked Commercial Heating and Cooling Questions

Which HVAC system is best for your commercial building?

This depends on the size of your building and your personal requirements. A split system air conditioner may be most suited for smaller offices with only one room, or multiple offices that require an air conditioner in each room. On the other hand, a refrigeration system may be better suited for larger areas that require a cooling solution.

What is a commercial HVAC?

A commercial HVAC system is built for the same purpose as any other air conditioning system- to ensure the inhabitants and other assets are kept warm or cool. However, they are often bigger and more complex. These systems are best suited for businesses and office spaces, rather than residential homes.

What is the difference between residential heating and cooling systems and commercial HVAC systems?

They serve different purposes, with residential systems built on a much smaller scale for family homes. Commercial HVAC systems are much larger in scale and therefore are bigger in size. Placement is often different as well, with many commercial systems placed on top of the building. Due to the complexity of commercial HVAC systems, maintenance is often more costly as well.

What are the different types of commercial HVAC systems?

We have various types of commercial HVAC systems, including air conditioners of various kinds. These include evaporative cooling systems, refrigerated cooling systems, ducted gas heating and cooling systems as well. 

How long do commercial HVAC systems last?

HVAC systems can last 15-20 years with proper maintenance, although this is not guaranteed. This does, however, change depending on the brand and product. Maintenance is essential to any HVAC system to ensure that the air conditioner remains efficient, powerful and clean.