When Is The Best Time To Install A Ducted Air Con? Ducted Air Con Tips

With all the chaos of Christmas having come and gone, and the height of summer firmly upon us, chances are a lot of Aussie homeowners have been revisiting their home’s heating and cooling capabilities. Living in a city like Melbourne in particular, with its signature volatile and unpredictable weather patterns, naturally demands our homes to be equipped with comparatively versatile heating and cooling systems.

Whilst we’ve explored some of the most cost-effective heating and cooling solutions in-depth in our blog before, there’s no denying that ducted heating and cooling systems are amongst the most economic and environmentally-friendly home heating and cooling solutions available to many of us today. The main drawback with these systems is simply the fact that installing them can be both a costly and timely process.

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As a result, many Aussie families may opt instead for split system air conditioning systems, even if their homes aren’t suited to this home cooling solution. The fact of the matter is that larger homes can absolutely reap massive savings by investing in a modern ducted system.

But when’s the best time to make this switch? This is exactly the question that our HVAC specialists here at Jacob Refrigeration will be answering in today’s blog post. Today we will provide ducted air con tips.

Installation during home renovations

One of the most popular times for our customers to schedule their ducted air con installation is simply alongside their pre-scheduled home renovation project. As your home is already undergoing extensive construction processes, a renovation is naturally a highly opportune time for our team at Jacob Refrigeration to do what they do best, and organise a fast and thorough installation of your home’s new system.

All you have to do is schedule a quick consultation with our highly experienced specialists so that they can organise your installation project and provide ducted air con tips to coincide ideally with the phases of your home’s renovation. If you’re looking for ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning system installation as well, our team will be more than happy to assist here too, as well as offer their expert insights when it comes to the placement of your ducts, so that you can maximise the cooling efficiency of your selected ducted system.

Shop sales and opt for off season installation

Whilst our team can assist you with sourcing a suitable ducted heating or cooling system for your home or office space, you are also more than welcome to source your own system for installation. As many home heating and air conditioning retailers tend to schedule big sales during early autumn and early spring, these tend to be ideal windows within which you can purchase your own system in time for easy installation before your household experiences its next lot of seasonal weather extremes.

Speaking of weather extremes, it’s also recommended that you consider the weather conditions impacting your proposed time frame for installation if you have pre-purchased a ducted system and are looking to schedule an easy, low-cost installation job. For instance, reverse-cycle air conditioning system installation jobs become incredibly pesky when contending against wet weather conditions, as your home’s roof can be left exposed to the moisture in the event of heavy rainfall.

As a result, you should always try to schedule your installation during a period where weather conditions are forecasted to be mild. This can rule out a spring installation for many households here in Melbourne.

Updating or replacing your ducted air con

If your home has a pre-existing ducted system that’s looking a little worse for wear or has greatly diminished with regards to its performance, then chances are you’ve also considered replacing this older unit with a more modern system. Thankfully, our HVAC specialists have extensive experience with replacing these systems, and can schedule a quick and efficient replacement unit and ducted system update plan to ensure that your household won’t have to wait too long to experience some respite from seasonal weather extremes.

If you feel that your ducted heating system may simply require some extra care and attention rather than a complete replacement, feel free to give our HVAC specialists at Jacob Refrigeration a call for some additional ducted air con tips surrounding cleaning and maintaining your system. Our specialists are happy to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding ducted system maintenance as well as the options available to you regarding system updates.

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Author: Jan Yakoob

Jan is the managing director of Jacob Refrigeration, a leading company with more than 35 years of experience in air conditioning and refrigeration installation. We continually exceed client expectations through quality, reliability and efficiency.