Ashburton Air Conditioning Services

Ashburton Air Conditioning Services

Providing the best air conditioning installation and maintenance services in Ashburton and Melbourne’s wider south and south-east is no easy feat, to say the very least. When it comes to finding the most suitable Ashburton air conditioning solutions for Ashburton residences and business premises, there are naturally many climatic and other geographic factors to be considered. That’s precisely why it pays to enlist the assistance of HVAC technicians that don’t just possess specialised industry knowledge, but also the local expertise required in order to provide tailored solutions.

For Ashburton residents after air conditioning services, Jacob Refrigeration is likely to be your first point of call. Our team of air conditioning technicians possess all the necessary industry certifications as well as the local and experiential knowledge required to address each and every Ashburton heating and cooling inquiry with a complete solution and an adept hand.

If you’re looking to organise an air conditioner installation in Ashburton, rest assured that Jacob Refrigeration is only just a phone call away. Call our friendly team of HVAC experts at (03) 9543 8000 to schedule your next Ashburton air conditioning maintenance and installation job today.



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Superior heating and cooling services for Ashburton

At Jacob Refrigeration, we take pride in offering an extensive list of modern air conditioning services in Ashburton as well as across Melbourne’s wider south and south-east. Here are just some of the most popular air conditioning services in Ashburton that you can expect to receive when you book with Jacob Refrigeration:

  • Evaporative changeover – with Melbourne summers becoming hotter and more humid, evaporative cooling units are becoming less energy efficient, as more running power is required for the process of evaporative cooling to occur. This is why we’ve started to offer specialised evaporative swapover services at Jacob Refrigeration, just to ensure that we can provide the most modern and up-to-date Ashburton air conditioning solutions.
  • Ducted heating and cooling – the installation and maintenance of ducted heating and cooling systems don’t need to be an arduous or lengthy process. Our Ashburton HVAC technicians can work with you to schedule a swift and thorough ducted heating and cooling installation process to suit your residence or business. 
  • Commercial air conditioning – if your Ashburton business is in need of a modern air conditioning system installation, then you’ll be happy to hear that our air conditioning technicians at Jacob Refrigeration are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and other tools of the trade to handle air conditioning installation jobs in a wide variety of commercial settings.
  • Refrigerated cooling systems – just as all business owners in Ashburton deserve air conditioning systems that are up-to-made and economical to run, so too do they deserve refrigerated cooling units that are up to the task of providing temperature regulation capabilities for larger commercial and industrial spaces.

Ashburton sir conditioning solutions tailor-made for residents and businesses

Melbourne’s south and south-eastern suburbs are known for their varied terrain and temperate climate. Many residential and commercial properties across this region must contend with increased rainfall during the winter months alongside growing humidity in summer. As a result, finding the ideal air conditioning solution for your Ashburton home is paramount to staying comfortable not just during seasonal peaks, but also year-round.

If you’re looking to upgrade your air conditioning system in Ashburton and surrounding areas for an older building, then you’ll need to ensure that your air conditioner installation job is handled by expert HVAC specialists. And not just any HVAC specialists either! Thankfully, our team at Jacob Refrigeration have the local experience required to handle Ashburton air conditioning installations and its unique properties with the utmost care and attention to detail.

And to make absolutely certain that your selected air conditioning solution is suitable for your Ashburton property, our technicians at Jacob Refrigeration are also proud to offer exceptional aftercare and thorough support to help you care for your new air conditioning system between servicing appointments.

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Why choose Jacob Refrigeration for air conditioning services in Ashburton?

Want to draw from over 35 years of combined HVAC industry experience when finding the best air conditioning solution for your Ashburton residence or business? Then Jacob Refrigeration is guaranteed to be your first point of contact. Our team of experienced and fully certified Ashburton air conditioning technicians will be able to respond to a wide range of heating and cooling callouts, spanning from air conditioner repair jobs to more complex ducted and wall-mounted air conditioner installation projects.

Call our friendly team at (03) 9543 8000 to organise your air conditioner installation in Ashburton or any other locale across Melbourne’s south and south-east. Curious about the logistics or pricing of any of the HVAC services that we offer here at Jacob Refrigeration? Simply get in touch with our friendly HVAC specialists to receive a no-obligation quote on your next Ashburton air conditioner servicing, installation, or any of the other maintenance and diagnostics services outlined on our website.

We also service other areas, particularly in Melbourne’s south and south-east, including but not limited to:

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