Mulgrave Air Conditioning Providers

Mulgrave Air Conditioning Providers

Having opened our doors in Melbourne back in 2010, our team at Jacob Refrigeration have had decades of combined experience providing Mulgrave air conditioning services and virtually all other suburbs in and around Melbourne’s south and south-east. We’re your trusted, local, family-owned and operated provider of air conditioning services for Mulgrave residents and businesses. And thanks to our large list of services, our team at Jacob Refrigeration are equipped to not only handle the installation of your new system, but also its ongoing maintenance over its estimated lifespan.

Our range of air conditioning services in Mulgrave include anything and everything you’ll require in order to get ready for this coming summer, or to simply help your home or business contend against Melbourne’s tricky temperate climate. From smart HVAC maintenance solutions and installation assistance to support with conducting evaporative system changeovers, you can count on our team of HVAC specialists here at Jacob Refrigeration to provide the leading air conditioning services in Mulgrave and surrounding suburbs.



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Superior air conditioning services for Mulgrave residents

Here at Jacob Refrigeration, we believe that all Melbourne residents deserve only the best air conditioning maintenance and installation services. That’s why we take efforts to make sure that our air conditioning services in Mulgrave are also available to business owners, homeowners, and all other residents in surrounding suburbs.

Since 2010, our team at Jacob Refrigeration have been providing exceptional air conditioning maintenance and installation services for Mulgrave residents as well as surrounding suburbs. In fact, our service area includes well over 35 different suburbs across Melbourne’s south, east, and south-eastern regions.

Did you know that humidity levels can play a role in determining the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioning system? Higher local humidity levels can impact the moisture content of your air conditioning system, which can in turn affect the quality of processed air being filtered into your home. This is also why a growing number of callouts we receive for air conditioning services in Mulgrave involve diagnostics and maintenance consultations alongside queries surrounding the process of evaporative cooling changeovers. If you have suspicions that your existing air conditioning system isn’t well-suited to your Mulgrave home and your local climate, then our team at Jacob Refrigeration will be happy to assist in finding the most ideal HVAC solution to suit your home cooling needs.

Have any questions about our Mulgrave air conditioning services for our team of experts? Then send through an enquiry via our contact form or over the phone today to get the ball rolling on booking your air conditioning services in Mulgrave today.

Residential and commercial Mulgrave air conditioning services

A broken air conditioner is the last thing you need in the lead-up to summer, but especially so in Mulgrave. As Melbourne’s south and south-eastern suburbs are conveniently located by the coast, summer days can yield plenty of opportunities to get out in the sunshine and perhaps even go for a dip. But on high UV days in particular, it’s reasonable to not want to do anything but stay in and enjoy the AC in your Mulgrave home.

What if you’re after commercial Mulgrave air conditioning services? Thankfully, our team of expert air conditioner technicians here at Jacob Refrigeration are also equipped with plenty of professional experience when it comes to all things industrial air conditioning. We can handle anything from air conditioner installation jobs in commercial restaurant and cafe spaces, to performing air conditioning servicing for Mulgrave factories, plants, and all other commercial warehouses and buildings.

With our air conditioner technicians boasting plenty of experience working across a wide variety of different residential and commercial settings, you can be rest assured that booking Jacob Refrigeration for your next job will be sure to yield the best possible results, whether you’re phoning on behalf of your household or your business. Send us an enquiry today to learn more about our residential and commercial air conditioning services in Mulgrave.

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Why work with Jacob Refrigeration?

As one of Melbourne’s premier providers of air conditioner maintenance and installation services for both business owners and homeowners, our team at Jacob Refrigeration are dedicated to offering the best possible results with every callout. Whether you’re looking to organise the installation of your air conditioner, to upgrade your home’s existing air conditioning system to minimise your household’s carbon footprint, or are in need of emergency repairs or diagnostics, our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced HVAC specialists will be happy to help.

We’re proud to be able to handle any and all callouts for air conditioning services in Mulgrave. Whether you’re looking for commercial air conditioning services for your Mulgrave business or are simply hoping to prepare your home for this coming summer, you can count on our specialists at Jacob Refrigeration to handle your callout with the utmost care and attention.

Looking for trusted and reliable air conditioning services in Mulgrave? Then be sure to keep Jacob Refrigeration’s number on your fridge at home. Call us at (03) 9543 8000 today to enquire about your next air conditioner installation or maintenance job in Mulgrave.

Not in Mulgrave, no problem! We service most of Melbourne, particularly the South-East including, but not limited to:

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